There's plenty that needs to be addressed when it comes to planning the perfect wedding, and figuring out what to do on your special day can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. While things like what color drapes and tablecloths to use are entirely up to the couple, here are a few pointers that can really help make the wedding planning process easier.

Picking the Perfect Gown

One of the first images that comes to mind when the word wedding is mentioned is a bridal gown. Everyone is going to have slightly different tastes when it comes to deciding what style of dress you want to go with.

“Delicate lace gowns are en vogue for this season with plunging backs or very ornate back detail.  The champagne, blush, and cameo shades are very flattering on all skin shades.  Trains are a little shorter which add to the silhouette.” , The Bridal Castle

Getting the perfect gown is arguably the highest profile parts of the wedding process, and using an experienced business will make the gown selection process at least a little easier.



Capturing the Moment

With all the work and planning that goes into a wedding, it’s important to make sure you plan on capturing as much of the big day as possible so you can look back on one of the greatest days in your life.

“It's the day every girl dreams of; her wedding day. It is one of the most anticipated and unforgettable days in a person's life! After the cake it eaten, the music stops, and the flowers have died, the pictures still remain for generations to come!”  -- Kayla Brint; owner, Kayla Brint Photography.

Having a skilled, experienced photographer on hand to capture the magic of the wedding ceremony, and the excitement and fun of the reception after the knot’s been tied, makes it easy to look back at one of the greatest days in your life. Whether the photographs remind you of the best man's embarrassing speech, the mad dash for the bouquet, or simply how good the cake tasted, they’re certain to stand as permanent reminders of something truly special.

Planning Your Reception

Before you can print off photos of your awesome wedding and reception, you have to have it! When it comes to planning your wedding reception there’s plenty to keep in mind. Will it be held outdoors or indoors? What kind of music will you have? And just as (if not more) important, what kind of food and refreshments will there be?


It can be tricky deciding what the right choice is when deciding whether to have a full blown meal or finger food, your choice of cake and desserts, and even beverages.

“I prefer heavy hors d'oeuvres” said Jeff Loving, owner of Twisted Fork and Chef Jeff on the Run, “more choices and presentation are better.”

Having a range of choices available for both the meal and the desert portions of the reception can really shake up the typical reception. Consider giving guests a selection of treats like candied popcorn, ice cream mini cones, lollipops, and more, alongside the traditional cake. Goodies like these are unexpected and can even bring guests back to their childhood. After all, everybody loves popcorn.