The hottest popcorn in the world.

Salty. Candied. Buttered. Plain. These are the four categories that have divided popcorn since ancient history. But as time passed scientists decided to push the limit, and began to combine the different flavors in an attempt to create a powerful fifth flavor.

They Succeeded…

A combination of a candied popcorn's’ shell and a spicy salty popcorn's heat, the creation of Cornferno took a turn when ghost pepper ended up in the mix. The candied popcorn with pepper powder inside locks in a ton of spice and waits for anyone brave (or foolish) enough to eat even a single kernel. It’s unknown how many perished after tasting this new flavor, named Cornferno in token of its great heat, all that is known is that it was sealed away in an attempt to contain its’ great power.

But power calls, and the Pop Pop Shoppe answered. We’ve rediscovered the hidden formula, and today have begun production of a new generation of Cornferno popcorn.

Are you ready to battle the blaze? Just be warned, if you play with fire, you might get burned.


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Little Rock, AR  72205