Jr: $3.99
Small: $5.25
Medium: $13.99
Large: $22.49
Extra Large: $41.99



Jr: $4.49
Small: $6.99
Medium: $19.49
Large: $31.99
Extra Large: $61.99

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Is your favorite flavor not in store but you don't want to wait for it to rotate in? Put in an order for anything below that you want and pick it up from the store! It may even convince us to stock your favorite flavor more often.

size and ordering info


4 cups
Our Jr. popcorn bag is great to give to one person!  It is normally more than a single serving.


10 cups
Our Small bag is our most popular size.  Great to give to one person to eat on for several servings, or buy it for a few people as a gift and let them chow down.  Can be used as a good option to give a larger group of people (7+) an idea of what the flavor tastes like.


27.5 cups
Almost three times larger than the Small, the Medium is a great option for smaller parties or get togethers, or when you know you need enough popcorn for a week for one person. Should feed 6 people comfortably if they are all wanting quite a bit of popcorn or is a great way for a group of 15-20 to have a small snack.


50 cups
Our most popular size for smaller events and parties, the Large should feed 10 people easily and normally works for groups of up to 30 as a taster.

Extra Large:

110 cups
The go to size for catering large events. Great for weddings, office parties, and any event where 50+ people will be present. Should feed over 20 people as a main food item or can act as a taster for 70+people.


How much should I order?

The Pop Pop Shoppe recommends 1-2 cups of popcorn per person for popcorn bars that are to be used in addition to other food items available, and 3-6 cups for popcorn bars that are intended to be a main attraction and course throughout an event.


What flavors should I get?

We have a found a mixture of “classic” and “different” flavors to be best. If you are throwing an office party and want to do a popcorn bar in addition to sandwiches, order some caramel and cheese as classic flavors people know and love, but then surprise everyone with a wedding cake or cajun for a new kind of experience!


Please call ahead for Extra Large pickups!


*Click here for allergen information